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Sacred Heart School: Full-day Kindergarten

A typical day in our classrooms is anything but “typical” here at Sacred Heart School. We know that through an engaging, play-based learning environment and a culture of inquiry, children experience a variety of learning opportunities to help them navigate the four frames of the Kindergarten Program here in Ontario. This, coupled with a comprehensive Christian Living component, provides our students with a complete, integrated Full-day Kindergarten Program. Areas of focus include:
Belonging and Contributing
Self-Regulation and Well-Being
Demonstrating Literacy and Mathematics Behaviour
Problem Solving and Innovating
At Sacred Heart, our Kindergarten students are…
*YOUNG EXPLORERS with inquiring minds who take their learning outside. At SHS, our close proximity to Cedar Bay allows even our youngest of learners to enjoy what nature has to offer. Outdoor learning at its finest…What do you see? Think? Wonder? lends itself well to the Inquiry model where children are also encouraged to explore using their senses. 
*BRILLIANT BUILDERS… perhaps a future architect is in our midst! At SHS, we encourage our students to use their imagination and problem-solving skills. We allow for mistakes…we instill a sense of pride, yet also know that mistakes help us learn.
*BUILDING ARTISTS… With the right tools and opportunity, our Kindergarten kids can create!
Our classroom teams include both a teacher and an early childhood educator. This pairing is critical to the success of the program. Each partner in the team is bringing specialized knowledge and expertise into the classroom to meet the critical learning and socio-emotional skills of our students. Children lead their learning while the educators continually introduce new, authentic challenges to foster their extended learning.  
Through informal meetings, parent conferences and/or written communication of learning reports, parents will receive regular updates on their child's learning.