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Catholicity Resources
Kids and Saints Popular Saints
Language Math
 General  General
 Sesame Street  Mathies
 TVO Kids  Math Playground
 Earobics Language Games
 A-Plus Math Games
 Reading  Virtual Math Manipulatives
 StarFall  Virtual Manipulative Factory -  McGraw-Hill
 RazKids - Online Levelled  Books  Mathville Online- Gr. 1 & 2
 Tumble Books  Alberta Math Games- Gr. 2 & 3
 BookFlix Ontario - Online  Reading
 Number Sense and Numeration
 Coconut Words - Early Readers  Base Ten Materials
 WiggleBottom Books   Rounding at Funbrain
 PBS Reading Games How Multiplication Works
 Story Starter Activities - Step  By Step (Scholastic)  Fishy Multiplication
 SpellingCity  Math Frog- 2 digit  multiplication
 Grammar Gorillas  British Multiplication Games
          Visual Fractions
 Measuring Angles - Protractor
 Time Monsters- Use  headphones
 Data Management/Probability
 Online Graphing
Social Studies and Science
Canadian Atlas and Maps  Science News for Kids
 Canada Map Puzzle  Astronaut Biographies
 The Canadian Encyclopedia  Electricity Interactive Games
 Canada Quiz Planet Puzzles
 Canada For Kids  
 Canada's Trading Partners -  Links  
 Explorers of Canada  

Computer Technology

BitstripsforSchools Typing Tutor - Keyboarding - A Good One!
Free Clipart - Computer Lit Activities
Classroom Clipart Pics for Learning (Free Photos)
Grade Specific Resources
Grade 1 and 2 Web Links Grade 3 Web Links
Grade 3 French Immersion Web Links
Grade 4 Web Links Grade 5 Web Links
Homework Help - Gr. 7 & 8  Video game ratings here
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