December 2014

Dear Parents,
We will celebrate each week of Advent with a prayer service led by the grade eight class. Our students anticipate the celebration of Christ’s birth by lighting the candles on the Advent wreath that represent hope, peace, joy and love. As ‘Schools of Hope’ we try to help those around us during this Advent Season! How do we do this? Students, staff, parents and other volunteers continue to reach out to our brothers and sisters in need locally and internationally by filling 60 Operation Christmas Child boxes, filling food hampers for the Nish-nawbe-gamik Friendship Center , and by volunteering for the nutrition program at SHS or the School Council. As we go through the Advent season, let us remember to be thankful for all we have.

Thank you to volunteers in general who roll the milk money, help tie skates or help us at the rink in any way, support our curling program and join us on other outings. Ms. Parkinson’s class visited the shut-ins at the Extended Care building. Thanks also to Mr. Vinczeffy who set up a beautiful Christmas tree in our foyer and to Cathy Bowen for the lovely nativity scene. We are blessed to have such committed partners and teachers supporting Catholic education.

May God bless you all during this season of preparation, love and joy!
Yours in Christ,
Susan MacLellan

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February 2015

Dear Parents and Guardians,

French Immersion for Senior Kindergarten and Grade One, as well as Kindergarten registrations continue to take place until February 6.  Staff is planning a Welcome to Kindergarten evening for April 14 for all new kindergarten students.  This will support new parents in seeing some ideas in play from our inquiry based program. An informational evening for parents is planned for May 7 to discuss kindergarten expectations and routines.

Staff continues to monitor your child’s progress, as students build deeper knowledge by thinking about what they are learning and by using mistakes as an opportunity to develop new knowledge. Our School Improvement goals focus on students’ understanding of the big ideas in math.  Through rich provocations or problems, students’ math reasoning is developed.   Continue to ask your child to use estimation skills to develop their math reasoning as it is one of most used skills in life.  It’s truly takes parents working with us to support extending and building your child’s learning.   A junior parent math evening is planned for February 12, 2015.  Report cards will be sent home on February 20, 2015 and we look forward to discussing your child’s learning on February 26.  Please book a time to meet with your child’s teacher.

Mr. Bridge’s Grade Sixes will lead us in a School Mass on February 6 and the Grade Sevens will lead in the Ash Wednesday Mass.  Our First Communicants are preparing for the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Communion under the guidance of Mr. Esposito and Ms. Winstanley.  Please let the school know if your child will be receiving these Sacraments.   

Our community partners continue to play a huge role in supporting healthy schools.  At the last Board Meeting, Joanne Peacock was given a Certificate of Recognition in honour of all she does for our community.  Congratulations to the Toronto Trip Committee, chaired by Mrs. George and Mrs. Marshall as they have completed fund raising. Thank you to Mr. Bailey for tracking our school yard for cross country skiing.  Classes continue to go snowshoeing, sliding, skating and curling with their teachers.  What a great way to enjoy our natural habitat!  In addition, the intermediate male students are preparing to go on various basketball tournaments with the help of their coach, Mr. Esposito. Thank you, Mr. Schuurman for running the Knights of Columbus Free Throw competition on February 17. We truly are an awesome community who serve students joyfully in the Light of Christ.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Susan MacLellan

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January 2015

Dear Parent(s) and Guardian(s),

Happy New Year! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Break.  May we continue to spread the Christmas Spirit and good news of God’s presence to others by our words and actions in the New Year. 

I’m in awe of the gifts and talents that your children share with us daily and our dedicated staff who are committed to doing their best. We ended the year with seven amazing Christmas concerts that put the ‘Christ’ back in Christmas. Thank you to Ms. Wyndels who volunteered to accompany the junior play with her musical talents. Pastor Smith, we thank you for donating your time and equipment so that the students could be heard. Thank you to Anita McDonald for organizing the Christmas pageant at the Christmas Eve Mass. We thank all our volunteers who donate their time behind the scenes to clean up or support programs within the school. Thank you to all of you for helping others in our community. This year, over 1000 food items were donated to The Friendship Centre for the needy.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Our school improvement goal is about helping students persevere when applying their math knowledge to solve problems. Studies have shown that when students are challenged to apply their thinking and knowledge to complex math problems, it results in greater understanding of key math ideas.  Regular attendance also will support your child’s confidence and academic growth.  Working in partnership with staff and having high expectations for your child will promote their success.

Our Grade Two students are preparing for Reconciliation and First Communion (the second and third of the sacraments).  Thank you to Mrs. Winstanley and Mr. Esposito for coordinating meetings with Father Mike, parents and guardians. 

Ms. Trottier and Ms. Fontana will start our year off on a joyous note with the first School Mass on January 12th. Through song, prayer and readings the students will lead us in a truly faith-filled, community celebration focusing on relationship building and use of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Working in partnership with you,

Mrs. S. MacLellan

Principal of Sacred Heart School

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March 2015

Dear Parent(s) and Guardian(s),

Lent began on Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Thursday and lasts for 40 days.  We encourage students to walk in Jesus’ footsteps by doing almsgivings which means doing random acts of kindness for others without expecting recognition. Another part of Lent is prayer and abstinence or giving up something which would allow students to use any savings provided towards a greater cause. 

In our school the Spirit of God is alive.  Thank you to Father Mike, Mrs. Winstanley and Mr. Esposito for preparing students for Reconciliation and First Communion. On April 10th they will make their First Reconciliation and on April 26th, their First Communion.  The Grade 2s will also be doing our March Mass on March 12th.  Grade 8s will be confirmed on April 17th by Bishop Colli.

We presently have 24 new registrants for J.K. and are planning a Welcome to Kindergarten evening for the new students and their parents on April 14th.  Please let anyone you know who has not yet registered their child, to do so as soon as possible.  Sacred Heart School will also have French Immersion Senior Kindergarten and Grade One classes beginning in September 2015.

The grade ones have been very busy using inquiry learning. On February 20th, Mrs. Davies invited Mr. Joe Cospito, an engineer, to come and share his designs for a school.  The children in turn shared their home designs with him.  They continue to deepen their math knowledge by using linking cubes to make a perimeter around their classroom and discovered that when you count by 100s you get to 1000.  Some students used non-standard measurements (e.g. their footsteps) to gauge where 100 cubes would be and then recounted the cubes to see how accurate this method was.  Ms. Fontana’s grade ones wanted to change their classroom and voted on what they wanted.  They now have a classroom with a sofa, cushions, live plants, more rugs and games.  We’re sorry but we could not accommodate their wishes for a dog and a Play Station. 

We strive to make math learning relevant to students’ everyday life.  Thank you to our parents for visiting or talking to your child’s teacher and for supporting your child’s learning by discussing their learning during the school day.  Please feel free to visit our school to see samples of your child’s work posted in the classrooms and hallways. We continue to celebrate that we are ‘Schools of Hope’ through our actions to deal with social justice issues and improve student achievement at home, at School and at Church.

Yours in Christ,
Mrs. S. MacLellan

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May 2015

Dear Families,

It’s hard to believe it’s May already!  Students continue to actively learn through their natural wonderings and investigations.  We have enclosed some of the learning that is going on within this newsletter. 

April was a busy month.  Nine students received the Sacrament of First Communion on Sunday, April 26th and eight students were confirmed on April 17th by Bishop Colli.  We are very appreciative of the Catholic Women’s League who served cake, coffee and juice to celebrate these occasions.  Eva Olsson presented her story of giving respect, forgiveness, compassion and being a bystander that makes a difference.  The students were so interested in Eva’s message and they asked many thought provoking questions. 

May is an even busier month than April.  It begins with Catholic Education Week and a prayer service to celebrate our theme, ‘Exploring Paths of Joy’.   From May 4 to 6th, the grade 8s will go to Confederation College in Thunder Bay to learn about the professions in the trades followed by a day at high school to experience life as a high school student.  A faith day for all students is planned for May 5th with Mason Normand leading the activities.  The day will begin and end with a school wide assembly.  On May 6th, Magnus Theatre will present ‘Peacemaker’ a play about inclusion.  On May 7th there will be a province wide Mass led by the grade 3s.  We will end Catholic Education Week with ‘The Living Rosary’ led by Father Mike, Mr. Plemel, Mr. Vinczeffy and Mr. Schuurman.  On May 19th, the OPP will be holding a bike rodeo at our school for grades 1 to 5. We also have a talent show happening on May 14 and an anti-bullying session information session for parents on the evening of May 13th.  Tutoring for grade 3s and 6s is happening weekly as it is for many other students, as many teachers stay after school to support students in reflecting more deeply on their understanding of big ideas.  This year, the grade seven parents will be hosting a hot dog lunch on May 15th, 2015 to raise funds for the 2016 Toronto trip.  Students are trying out for the Track and Field competition that will be held on May 20th at the high school.   Lastly, the EQAO assessment will begin May 26 and end June 4th.  As always, and for all students, we ask that they are well rested and eat breakfast before coming to school.  Please see your child’s teacher if you should have any questions with regard to EQAO.

Sacred Heart School continues to be a School of Hope due to the care given by our teachers, parish and families.  Please feel free to come into your child’s classroom or visit our school and see the thinking.  Thank you for expecting success and for letting your children know how important it is that they do their best with their thinking, sharing and work.

Yours in Christ,
Mrs. MacLellan

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