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Grade 3 Favourites

  Search Engines for Gr. 3    

Enchanted Learning.com    WhoZoo.org      Fact Monster - Pets      Howjsay - Pronounce Words

Earthworm words pronunced -       anterior  posterior  clitellum setae segment

Mathematics and Language

 Math Connects - Great Site  Money - ThatQuiz.org
 Grade 3 FRACTIONS GAMES  Money - FunBrain.com
 Grade 3 Multiplication Games  Money - Money and Coins - Don't Print Please
 SoftSchool Math Games     
 Mathletics Game - TVO  Probability - Graph the Spinner Results
 Alberta Math Games (New!)  Probability - Online Quiz
 A-Plus Math Games  Probability - Eduplace
 A Plus Math Problems
  IXL Math - All Strands for Grade 3  Exploring Pattern Blocks
 Math & Language Skill Builders  Fractions - Vector Kids(headphones required)
 Base Ten Materials - Easy Game  Transformations - Harcourt School
 Base Ten Estimation  
 SpellingCity  PBS Reading Games
Science and Social Studies
 York Region Pioneers   Herman the Worm
 Canadian Museums for Gr. 3  Simple Machines Quiz Gr. 3
 Upper Canada Game (New!)  Gr. 3 Bridges Research

 Black Creek Pioneer Village for Kids

 Eco Kids Games

 The Meaning of Names



 SafeKids Quiz  Great Structures of the World - Gr. 3
 Netsmartz Internet Definitions  Forces @ BBC
 DSO Kids Musical Instruments Research  Pictures of Musical Instruments
Telling Time
 Telling Time on a Clock  Telling Time - 5 min. Intervals
 Telling Time@ Apples4  Hickory Dickory Clock
 Telling Time Problems  Time Teacher
 Telling Time - Quarter Hours   Clockwise - BBC
 Stop the Clock - 15 min. intervals

 Elapsed Time (3 Levels of Difficulty)


 Temperature - Solids and Liquids  Temperature Quiz from the BBC

Just for Christmas

 Online Santa Puzzle

 Christmas Games
 Christmas Tic Tac Toe  Match the Christmas Stockings
 Billy Bear Online Games

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